About Concrete Polishing Southwest

We at Concrete Polishing Southwest are accredited and fully trained with a wealth of gained experience and knowledge in all of the services and products that we offer! We are very passionate about taking what is basically a very raw and industrial product and turning it into a fully functional durable and aesthetically pleasing bespoke polished concrete finished floor. We cater for mainly residential and industrial projects but can also accommodate for commercial clientele.

We use a Concrete polishing system called Hiperfloor for which we are an “accredited contractor”. Owned and developed by Husqvarna, which is known worldwide for its excellent Machinery, tooling and concrete chemical products, which allow us to complete your project in a greener economical way.

Bespoke Finishing

While every concrete floor is different we also offer totally bespoke finishes, using Ameripolish products which allow us to colour and further enhance your floors. If your floor has already been laid, then yes we are able to change the colour, add stencils and borders during the polishing stages. New concrete at the planning stage can have pigments and dyes added to them as well as special aggregates or glass to give you that personal design. If you are looking for the ultimate bespoke finish then have a look at or ask about our TRU concrete overlay which is a special type of modified concrete topping! Or even view our specialist Terrazzo finishes.

We can be involved from the very start of your project, working with you the client or your architect, designer or builder. We can arrange for a dedicated concrete contractor to supply and place the concrete, one who we have worked with on other projects, who is experienced in placing and finishing concrete dedicated to be polished , or we can just come in and polish what has been laid by others, also offering advice and information to your own team of concrete placers. Remember your concrete is our canvas, the better the canvas the better the finish!

We are based in Holsworthy in Devon, which while being a small quiet market town offers us good access to the A30 A39 A303 and also the M5, the main routes to the counties of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. These are the main regions we predominantly cover but we do often work further afield by request.  Holsworthy also gives you access to our show room where we have polished concrete on display for you to view. (Presently having a re fit.)

Specialist Expertise

I started in the flooring trade in 1987 laying and finishing concrete and floor screeds. I then moved into tiling and quickly became very well known for my natural stone installations. It was in 2010 when I started refurbishing natural stone and terrazzo floors,  which is where we are able to grind down the surface and re polish the stone giving it a new lease of life and restoring it to it’s previous condition and in many cases often better then new. It was in 2012 when I got involved with polished concrete and concrete toppings, I noticed a change tiles were getting bigger, clients wanted fewer grout joints and a more seamless look. Polished concrete was big in Europe and America and was now a steady growing interest in the UK market. I attended some introductory days to find out more about this new look and finish. I was amazed at how good it can look.

I quickly poured some concrete and used my stone restoration equipment to see what finishes I could achieve. I produced sample after sample, creating different finishes and attending day courses.  I also  joined forums to learn as much as possible from other time served experienced concrete polishers, it was a learning curve and soon realised that I had a real passion for polished concrete. It was then that I decided to buy my first dedicated concrete polishing machinery and start offering it as a service along with my stone restoration, I started with very small projects I turned down larger ones at the time as I wanted to take time and provide the best possible finish I could. It certainly was a learning curve, every concrete floor is different! They all have different issues and problems for many different reasons which you have to overcome. No one can teach or show you this, which is why practical experience is vital! You have to gain the knowledge and experience over time learning how to read the floor and knowing which tooling and products to use to help you overcome any issues that you may have.

People started to see my work and I was being recommended by previous clients. The interest and the size of the projects grew at a steady rate which called for larger machinery, which in turn allowed me to take on larger projects and complete them in a shorter time frame.

Husqvarna – Industry Leading Tools

I looked into many branded systems for polished concrete and eventually decided to go with Husqvarna! My reasons for this were because at this time they were investing heavily into the UK polished concrete and floor preparation market, they had developed new state of the art machinery and their industry presence was and is still  growing! This was the company that I felt comfortable with and felt I could grow with. I have become an Accredited Hiperfloor contractor, continually attending training days as and when new techniques and products are introduced. Husqvarna have also attended my projects for further training on their products, enabling me to produce Hiperfloor polished concrete finishes. They have a great technical team and are constantly introducing and researching the products and tooling that we as an industry need.

So to sum it all up, I am passionate about what I do and I achieve the best possible floor finishes that I can. I have learnt a lot along the way and continue to do so as every floor is different. Do I know it all No! No one does, we are all still learning! As with everything, new polishing products and tooling becomes available regularly as do new types of flooring such as self compacting concrete and concrete toppings. But with the system and products that I use, I can feel confident in completing your project to a high standard and meeting your expectations.